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Hi Sarah,

I am working in a big corporation and we are starting to implement Holacracy in some departements (e.g. one holacratic departement has 120 people and the whole - non-holacratic - company has 20'000 people). We have also been running pilots insinde the departements and I am very familiar with your question regarding the interface between the holacractic and the non-holacratic world.

My best practice so far was to point them to the tension-processing process: If ever tensions arise in this topic, aknowledge them and process them to find a workable solution at that very moment. Usually, all the questions are hypothetical and in my experience there are not so many real tensions on this interface - because everyone keeps doing their work and the "outside world" mostly doesn't really feel a difference (or maybe only like "you guys are much faster and smoother and seem to be more relaxed now with that Hola-thing"). That's why I usually react to questions about the holacratic and the non-holacratic in a way of "Dou you know this impact will occur or are you anticipating this is likely to occur?" to find out whether they already have real tensions based on experience or if they are intellectually arguing that things might happen on the interface.

My main message there is that with Holacracy people don't need to have all the answers but they have to feel confident that there is a clear process for finding answers as soon as tensions arise. In my experience people with a lot of questions then usually are like "ah ok, that makes sense" and calm down a bit.

I hope that helps?

Best regards, Daniel