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Hi Sarah,

My thoughts on this:

- The connection between the trial team and the rest of the organisation is fairly simple as I understand it. There is clarity around who is accountable for what and any communications between the trial team and the non-Holacracy part of the organisation happens as normal. You can think of it a bit like when a Holacracy organisation works with/alongside it’s suppliers or customers who don’t use Holacracy. There are no problems and actually there should be greater clarity around who a supplier/customer needs to speak to.

- There may be some limitations for the trial team around creating ‘apps’ for their circles. This would depend on how much freedom the trial is given by the broader organisation. Limitations within the trial may be frustrating for those within the Holacracy and form part of the reason that trials tend to be rolled out to the rest of the organisation quicker than originally planned. It is beneficial to be aware of this from the start.

- It is imperative that the trial has support of the power holders of the overall organisation.