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Purely Poultry actually adopted this policy a while back and is just now getting almost fully functional under this policy.

[@mention:529074100576659281] to answer your question What tension lead to this? We were trying to predict and control our spending in October of the prior year for all of following year. But our sales and spending did not match what we had budgeted. To only allow Lead Link to make all spending authorizations is not allowing all roles to energize their roles autonomously. When a role filler senses that they would like to spend money who do they go to? How do they process that and how do other roles get clarification and reactions to allow them to amend and clarify and object? 

This App is well done. The only suggestion that I might make is that the base process in itself is not a complete app. The Base process policy, the Escalated Process policy, Spending guardian role, and the Anchor circle Spending Authorization Policy  would be an almost complete app. The Extra Rules policy seems to be very extremely important and unique to each organization that the app should include an Extra Rules Policy that has some suggestions for what that policy could include but not actually the content. 

We also added an accountability to Accountant role of "Verifying expenses have been authorized. Reporting unauthorized spending." and to Accounts payable of "Keeping a record of authorized spending." We very likely will move the Accounts Payable accountability to Accountant given current tension sensed. 

Purely Poultry's Spending Authorization Extra Rules are here https://app.glassfrog.com/policies/8595259

The way our organization is structured it seemed to not make sense for our "People and Partnership" circle to have to get spending authorization to add partners or service the benefits that they are contractually obligated to receive. 

We determined Spending Authorization is needed for expenses. Spending Authorization is not needed for income and contra income accounts, cost of goods sold and contra cost of goods sold accounts, commissions, merchant account fees, or interest. Spending Authorization is not needed from Team Happiness for managing employment and independent contractor relationships.

On your escalated spending policy it mentions Slack specifically for the purposes of the App it would be best to state "communication channel". In our escalated spending authorization app, we specifically state Asana. 

Extra Rules Notes: This is where you would specify what your "communication channel, what roles or must be following (all partners?)

I think that this policy and app is much more palatable if you include in Extra rules something like the following:

A) Any partner can spend up to $30.00 per month without receiving PRIOR spending authorization. You still need to submit a spending authorization form, but no waiting period needed.

B) Up to $100.00, requires a waiting period of 1 business day after all clarifying questions are answered.
C) Up to $1,000.00 requires a waiting period of 5 business days after all clarifying questions are answered.
D) Over $1,000.00 requires a waiting period of 5 business days AND the approval of Spending Guardian.


Some expenses (premium glassfrog for example) are on a per user (or partner) basis and it does not make sense for a role to need to do a new spending authorization each time we add or remove partners. Yes this could be handled as part of the budget method but it isn't exactly what we were looking for.