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Tyler Danke posted:

Purely Poultry need and would love your help with facilitation and/or coaching. Our purposes is "Sharing the beauty of Poultry." You are free to attend my organization Purely Poultry at our tactical and or governance meetings or meet for tea or coffee or an ice cold beer . We are currently a 5 partner organization running on Holacracy for over a year. We have not yet engaged any professional coaches or Holacracy certification training yet. Over the last 6 weeks we went from 2 circles to 7 circles so we are just starting to understand the relationship between super circles and sub-circles works. We would enjoy having a Holacracy practitioner, facilitator, or coach looking for practice come join us for some meetings or to take a peak at some of our governance and have a conversation about how to improve our Holacracy practice.

Our meetings are via google hangouts Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays usually start no earlier than 10 am and end no later than 1 pm. These times are Central time (Chicago) GMT -6:00. If you read this and those times don't work for you but are still interested I think we can work something out, but we would have to ask the circle Secretary to reschedule the meeting.

Let me know what times and days would work for you via private message if you are interested.

Where are you located (timezone)  would love to help.

regards edward (the netherlands)