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Hi Laura,

If I understand your question its about how different personality types experience Holacracy. Especially the transition into Holacracy provides each individual with a personal journey. its not uncommon that you experience something very postive about Holacracy as well as something negative before you can combine these views.

For example an affiliation focused person might experience:

- more affilitation as by the roles you fill in the organization you can now much more relate to the organization's purpose as each role has a purpose as well that makes explicit how it contributes.

- less affiliation as suddenly there is less of a team definition and the meetings are first about the organization. and it might take some time before there is a real tribe space emerging.

In this way everybody has their own experience with the journey into the practice of Holacracy. Being clear on what the plus/minus for each personality type is could definitely create recognition and more consideration from everybody.