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Andrea Faré posted:

Hi guys,  Holacracy is not shaped around personal values or personal profiles,  as Bernard-Marie and Jean-Michel pointed out. There are however specific values, rights and duties each member of an organization is bound to when applying Holacracy, and these  may make specific type of personalities and personal goals more or less compatibile with the system (or they may even contribute  to a reshape of an initial profile into a different one after applying  the rules of holacracy for a while --> producing the so called "mindshift" ). Is this the direction in which your study is going? 

(have a look at Belbin team roles, for complementary ways of subdividing personal needs/profiles in teamwork)

PS: good to see an increase of academic interest  in Italy, I believe you are in good company (I've heard a thesis on Holacracy from the Università del Piemonte Orientale is also undergoing finalization)

Thank you for your answer, this is exactly what we are studing.

Can you suggest us some documents to look for more information? (In addition to the Belbin team roles?)