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Reply to Project updates in tactical

By Marco Topic posted 11/18/2016

Thank you all for the replies. I am indeed referring to article 4.3.3. which states this.

Quoting [@mention:449411339497350002] on this:

" Reporting on accountabilities progress was introduced in the constitution 4.1, but GlassFrog has not incorporated this change directly yet. However, I would suggest to simply capture the "accountability progress" as a project in GlassFrog for accountabilities you want regular updates on. Yes GlassFrog will treat it as a project, but as long as you're clear it's not, it works fine. Maybe capture the "project" name by "Accountability: ____________" so everyone is clear on what it is. " (...-on-accountabilities)

Interesting to see the different practices, and also surprised nobody in this thread has developed governance (a policy) around it, since the constitution here does allow for more specificity. But probably no tensions around this.