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Thanks [@mention:456449141667144364], it's a great list of options for organizations new to this! 

I noted a few points for improvement:

  • Organization Steward
    • The accountability "Having a picture of where the organization stands currently based on input from the whole organization" doesn't qualify as an accountability in my interpretation (i.e. NVGO), because it's an outcome (vs. an activity). Maybe it'd be best captured in the purpose, or you may want to specify a more concrete activity. Or just remove it, as it's probably necessary for doing the 2nd accountability anyway.
    • The accountability "Translating organizational ideas to practical and working proposals and supporting others in these efforts", due to how it's framed, could easily lead to proposals designed from mind vs. tensions. I think it's especially risky for new practitioners. I suggest replace 'ideas' by 'tensions'.