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Hi Catherine,

No problem - your English is great!

We have found that budgeting is often one of the last bastions of command and control even within Holacratic organisations. The current approaches and supporting tools encourage rigid centralisation of information (and decision-making).

We are currently working with a number of Holacratic organisations, helping them to manage budgets across roles and circles. Our platform allows a high degree of autonomy and flexibility for each role, whilst giving real-time visibility across the organisation. It integrates with common accounting packages as well as fully supporting the Holacracy management model. I'm conscious that this doesn't turn into a pitch so I'll try to give the following general advice about budgeting for a Holacratic environment:

  • Access to current data for each role holder is a must for full budgeting autonomy. A role can never make the best independent decisions if they don't have access to the relevant information in a form they understand.
  • Cross-organisation visibility is key. Be sure to keep all relevant roles and circles in the loop with decisions regarding financial allocations, forecast spend/income and performance (budget vs. actuals). Some organisations have formal governance procedures around this, for example with approvals through Lead Links, others rely on visibility to track issues.


I hope this helps! I'd also be very happy to connect directly and learn more about what you are trying to achieve.