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The only solution I can think that would limit this is a domain, because you can't impact domains from other roles without permission. But that does not sound like a good solution, because you'll have to put domains on basically everything then.

Would really like to hear thoughts on the situation and possible solutions besides striking this as invalid as Secretary 

Hey Dennis, love this case. I'm not sure I got all the data, especially I'd love to know if the Sub-Circle has got any specific Domains. What I have often experienced  with clients and within iGi, the company I work with, in that when the membrane of Sub-Circles (Purpose + Domains) are not clear enough, then many *structural* tensions surface, and it seems to me that you're in such case (and may be I'm fully wrong and you already have Domains on the Sub-Circle).

In my practice, I pay attention to specify Domains to Circles to gain explicit & clear membrane, so that anyone knows what is inside the Circle and what's not. A Domain may be an activity, a process, a property. For instance, within iGi https://fr.glassfrog.com/organizations/30, we have a Sub-Circle called Consulting. The Domain of such Circle is something like "All consulting activities including business development, sales, delivery, invoicing, cash collection". So that, whatever stuff you have, it's easy to know if it belongs to the Circle or not.

Having explicit Domains added to a Circle is not required by Constitution but it a good practice from my experience. For me, discovering the requisite holarchy is just about that : get clear boundaries for each Circle as soon as possible (without pushing too hard - "you can't grow radishes by pulling on their tails!", and I love that, this is quite fun