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Hi James,

First I am sorry for my english, I am from Québec and my English is not perfect!

I am new here and your subject took my attention since I fill a Budget and Finances roll in my organization and we are now thinking about a new way to present our Financial information and budgets.

We are thinking about budgets and accounting by Circles in a way knowing the costs (and revenues if there are) in each Circles. Our actual accounthing system definitely doesn't allow that without a lot of manual process but since we plan to change it next spring, we would like start thinking about what we could do with a brand new system. So I am interested to hear what is done in other Organizations, particularly about cost allocations by roles or Circles.

So I you are intested to share, I would like to hear where you are in your project now and if some organizations you work with use that kind of accouting and budget by Circles or roles?

Thank you