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Philipe, Are you looking for best practices for those in the Holacracy implementation, within a broader non practicing organization?

Individuals in this situation are torn between two worlds, two languages...this is typically an unsustainable state so to speak. 

So the guide would be for them, right?

And do you also want a sort of "What you should know about working with our Holacracy powered team...for non Holacracy colleagues"?

The individual who is a ratifier needs to be a big champion, and the work of managing that boundary is an extra cost for organizations, and for people, so it is important to anticipate, set this up, and respond with an "agile" implementation plan. Knowing this is difficult, and the more "cross over" there is from the practicing team to the non practicing, the more difficult it will be.

Hence, before we even get to best practices, we would want to look at the boundary, the set up, and help introduce the team to orient them to this challenge up front.