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Reply to Non-Core Circle?

By Melissa LaMonica Topic posted 10/20/2016

I'd be curious to her H1's thought on this because it's unique, but here's my interpretation:

  1. You could exclude the Lead Link of the Sub-Circle by making them a minor Role [Section 2.3.3], but I personally see a lot of cons and no pros with doing this.
    1. I would think this would be extremely unlikely, because if there's such a small amount of work coming from an entire Circle, why would it even need to be its own Circle?
    2. This would also severely hinder the Super-Circle, because if the LL isn't there, you wouldn't have as much representation from or communication with that Sub-Circle.
  2. Even if you did exclude the Sub-Circle Lead Link, you couldn't exclude the Sub-Circle Rep Link because the Super-Circle LL doesn't have that authority. So, the LL of the Sub-Circle wouldn't be in the meetings, but the RL would.