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Yo, Philippe!

What we do is very similar to Dien's approach - Using non-Holacracy verbiage that is more easily understood. Everyone knows what a "problem" is so it's easy to understand (even if Tensions aren't always problems). Everyone knows what a "team" is, etc. We have successfully run meetings with people that have never seen Holacracy participating because it just seemed like a solution-oriented conversation rather than some rigid and confusing process (even though it still followed process and was facilitated).

In our training for new hires, we focus more on explaining the "why" behind each piece, then let them know what the verbiage is just so they are aware. Since they get the fundamentals, the words immediately make more sense. For example, if you try to learn sign language just by learning all the individual gestures, it will be difficult. However, if someone first teaches you that each of the signs are essentially how you would gesture it in charades, it makes it much easier to understand what someone is trying to say with a language you didn't know previously.