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When an area of the organization isn't as willing to adopt Holacracy,  issues requiring group discussion still surface through day to day work and usually the group needs some help as well, with communication. I serve a role in our organization that helps facilitate through these situations. I build a meeting from the tensions I've heard though I'm not going to call them tensions. I build an agenda and entitle meeting/section of the meeting "Opportunities for Improvement" to avoid the "tensions" word.

In meeting, to drill for proposals from the group, I ask "does anyone have any ideas on how we could we go about addressing/improving this?"

I find that when areas of the organization don't want to adopt Holacracy, there still needs to be a facilitation of discussions to get to the heart of the concern (root cause analysis). The root cause analysis needing to be performed, has so much parallel with Holacracy's tension processing methodology. 

Hope this helps!