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Hey Markus,

apart from differentiating two roles as suggested by Bernard Marie I guess your question is also pointing to different focus of roles. That might for example be: "Role Front Desk filled by Person XY for (=focus) 8-12.00, by Person AB for 12-18.00" to indicate "shift work".

The focus is there to maintain clear accountability even when a role is multi-filled. It could be any distinguishing criteria (such as areas of the shop, working hours, or whatever feels appropriate/useful). 

cf. constitution:

2.4.2 Assigning Roles to Multiple People

A Lead Link may assign multiple people to the same Defined Role, as long as that won’t decrease the clarity of who should enact the Accountabilities and authorities of the Role in common situations.

As one way of maintaining that clarity, a Lead Link may specify a “Focus” along with each assignment, which is an area or context for that person to focus within while executing in the Role.

- Gerald