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Reply to Gamifying Glassfrog

By Leanne Wong Topic posted 08/28/2015

[@mention:528792613988609658]: I agree on option b - it seems easier to me as well to start from scratch.  I suppose it might be easier to do option a if you have a game that is close to what you want and that you can basically destroy - write on, cut out or paint the unnecessary elements,  etc. I guess with option a, I could see that previous familiarity with the original game being a positive or a negative.

Although, there are some pretty simple pencil and paper role playing systems out there that might have some of the mechanics you are looking for. I don't have enough breadth of experience to know for sure, but I've seen folks at gaming conventions that design their own games and bring them, so someone like that might have more ideas as to what it would take to create your own game or be willing to partner on it.