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Hi [@mention:449833773730792463],

those are great insights and observations, thanks! The idea of a guarding-a-process role is especially interesting, it kinda reminds me of a season 2 episode of “How I met your mother” (spoiler-free, no worries) where two characters, Marshall and Barney, engaged each other in a Slap-Bet while the character of Lily got the role of the Slap-Bet Commissioner: monitoring the bet and any updates or violations and issuing penalties for such events. Maybe a bit too much power for a commissioner, but a keeper-of-rules role nonetheless. Being Marshall’s spouse also created some interesting conflicts between that role of Lily and the one of Slap-Bet Commissioner.

I’m currently in a bit of a dilemma of either …

  1. using an existing co-op style game as operational work to let tensions surface (including in-game narrative conflicts thrown the players’ way), and add to it Holacracy’s processes to solve the tensions; or …

  2. creating from scratch a co-op operational work style game for tensions to surface (including in-game narrative conflicts thrown the players’ way) with Holacracy’s processes addressing the tensions

I’m leaning towards the latter option for the former feels a bit shoehorn-y to me, and also a bit overwhelming in regards to the seemingly necessary task of upfronting all relevant functions, visual assets and elements which then might not be needed ultimately for the Holacracy RPG version of the game.