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[@mention:449833773730792463], great points – specifically this one: “there are some pretty simple pencil and paper role playing systems out there that might have some of the mechanics you are looking for,” since a Holacracy RPG game would definitely need the “Edit” option a lot rather than only rely on predetermined roles and their accountabilities throughout the game. Iterative design without an edit function is unable to work its magic.

I like the game mechanics of Pandemic (and Zombicide) which limits a player’s turn to …

  1. Using a total of 4 actions from a pool of multiple options which offers a bit more open-ended value to how the player decides to mix those actions together. That the player is encouraged to listen to other players’ advice but ultimately make the final decision is reminiscent of a Holacracy meeting process (nice, :fist-bump

  2. Drawing two Player cards which could be resources (City cards as knowledge to be used for Discovering Cures) or a narrative event card (Epidemic = Stuff comes in)

  3. Infecting Cities (narrative update = stuff comes in)

So, essentially, I’m looking at various fake org ideas that might have multiple relevant actions to choose from that sum up to a total of 4 actions, for example. At a, say, Publishing Firm the actions might be to Review AuthorsApprove WorkPromote Work and more actions that might need to be a bit more hi-level and not too granular, while narrative-inducing events (stuff comes in) might be disruptions to the publishing market, and maybe introduce D&D-chance die throws to cross-valuate whether a published work was a hit or not (based on chance and skill level of that particular role). 

On that note, I’m also wondering a suitable end for the experience since, as you probably know, the end of a D&D game is almost non-existent due to repeated game sessions and character development. It’s the classical destination-vs-journey debate, but an idea would be to limit the initial session to an objective / mission.

Thanks again for your ideas and inputs, [@mention:449833773730792463]!