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Thank you. That is all helpful.
I guess the interesting part will be about the domains and tensions, which will be part of the role. It looks like it would require partners who share the role to somehow morph into one "role-personality", leaving their own personality completely behind.

Say, the "Retail Area" role holds the accountability of "beautifying the retail space and organizing displays" and owns the retail displays domain. Person 1, while embodying the role, makes a decision to change the displays to what she feels is better for the area. Person 2 takes over in the next shift and might have very different ideas. Since they hold the same role and Holacracy only recognizes roles, there is no process inside of the structure of how they would coordinate their decisions. If they used their own process outside of the structure--say, the people holding "Retail" meet to get consensus about what to do with the retail displays--that seems to undermine the principle of autonomy and quick decision making, not needing buy-in.

Another option would be to have a focus in the retail role that is only filled by one person, which owns the retail displays domain. But that leaves the other people filling the retail role powerless to make changes they see necessary, and reverts them back to how they would act in a "traditional" company--so I don't like that option either.