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Chris, I’m so excited to see so many Pandemic players around!

On the topic of trying to mirror Holacracy’s need for role alignment by utilizing transparent, visual management (checklists, projects, metrics) to when playing Pandemic, the following data is transparent and for all to see at all times in real-time …

  • Status of Cured / Eradicated Cures
  • Infection Rate
  • Players’ Cards (City Cards; Color, Name, etc)
  • Amount, Color and Placement of Various Disease Cubes on the World Map
  • Placement and Amount of Research Stations on the World Map
  • Player deck and discards
  • Infection deck and discards

The difference, I think, might be that all of the players’ actions (moving, sharing knowledge, curing diseases, discovering diseases, infecting cities by revealing cards from infection decks (= stuff comes in?)) and the above data is not individually reported back to the group (à la Tactical Meetings), but is instead collectively reported in real time with everything transparent for all to see.

Do you know what I mean?

Hard to explain this, but when playing this kind of a board game, you are effectively in a mix of “Doing work in clear roles” and doing “Tactical Meetings and triaging next actions”.