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Reply to Gamifying Glassfrog

By Leanne Wong Topic posted 08/28/2015

Hi [@mention:528792613988609658],

In our public training, our simulation is all a fake org with fake roles and tensions. I don't have as much experience with the trainings, but Brian acts as the "world" which isn't a role per se, but more like the Dungeon Master. I think there's enough things that participants need to get done that tensions naturally arise from that, and I think that Brian throws other challenges/opportunities to the fake org (maybe sales opportunities or something), that add other tensions to arise.

Regarding the meeting exercise, I could imagine that it would be hard for a new Facilitator to stick to the rules and be "ruthless", since that is somewhat counter cultural. I could imagine a scenario where they were given a script that might help, and have the basic rules of facilitation spelled out beforehand in a clear way (e.g. crosstalk is never allowed and must be cut off immediately). I'm thinking of board games where there's effectively a role that guards something, like the banker in Monopoly or the person with the buzzer in Taboo. It is clear what your job is from the rules and that it is important to maintain those in gameplay no matter how silly it is to stand behind someone with a blue and pink buzzer. But, facilitation is complex enough that you might have to be able to play the game a few times to get the rules. Maybe there's a buildup/tutorial game you could play that would help introduce those rules, similar to the buildup of rules in Pandemic Legacy.