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Hallo Chris, 

Time for me to step up. Will start thinking how this can be set up. Guess there needs to be somekind of reference so real tensions start to occur between different roles. As people can create their own role their might be no Governance tensions between roles.


Short idea that crossed my mind is to make the practice even bigger. Why only start with Facilitating practice as this also provides the opportunity to start up Circles. You can then both practice Governance and Tactical meetings.


You can then start with:

o   Pick a company everyone knows and can relate to.


Then just start. All select a role on the highest level (e.g. Sales, Finance, Marketing etc.) and start from there. Based on bi-weekly assignments you can then grow the company, the roles and the responsibilities.


Assignment could be:

  • Create three new roles based on the current role you have. This will make up for new Circles of which the participants then can do Governance meetings;
  • Create three tensions from your role that you want to propose in Tactical Meeting;
  • Define a tension that will impact the role of somebody else;
  • Define a domain that you want to add to one of your roles and process it in Governance;
  • Ongoing: sense tensions that arise based on actual happenings. E.g. if you work at Apple there might be a tension due to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery issue.


Well, will think of more assignments in the coming weeks.


Regarding the board game I also have some thoughts that I will work out. My idea is to have a tutorial game with different levels. So novice level will learn Holacracy via questions or small assignments and for more experienced Practitioners you can make the questionnaire more Constitution related or on Coaching skills.


Let us keep sharing our thoughts.

Off course I also invite others to share their thoughts so we grow this togehter.