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Hello, Patrick!

We often give little tiny tasters about the IDM process by doing a quick role play with two presenters. The main thing is starting with a Proposal that others can definitely perceive some harm in so that they can see how the process makes sure no harm is caused while still solving the original problem. Here's a random example:

Person 1: "The dishes aren't getting done. I think we should hire a maid." [Present Proposal]
Person 2: "How long have the dishes not been getting done? How much will a maid cost?" [Clarifying Questions]
Person 1: "It's been a few weeks and it should only cost about $100 a month." [Clarifying Questions]
Person 2: "I personally don't think it's a great idea. First, I want to apologize for not helping with the dishes. I thought you were taking care of them so I didn't worry about it. I can't afford $100 a month for a maid. Perhaps we can work together to figure out how to get the dishes done more often?" [Reaction Round]
Person 1: "I thought it was you who was doing the dishes. You would only have to pay $50 - We'll split it. I think paying someone is easier than doing it ourselves anyway, so I'll still get the maid." [Amend and Clarify]
Person 2: "I still can't afford the $50, so that's not an option for me. How about each of us just rinses off our own dishes and tosses them in the dishwasher right away. Whenever it's full, whoever filled it up will just start the washer." [Objection Round]
Person 1: "I hate the idea of having to actually do dishes, but if you can't afford the maid I guess we can start trying to do that." [Integration]

That was just an example, but doing something that seems much more negatively impacting as a Proposal helps get the point across better because the Objections seem more important and the end result after Integration is drastically different than the starting point.

Doing this sort of example lets people see that the process itself seems very simple and solution oriented and without all the lingo you wouldn't even notice it was some strict process. Doing a little explanation around this role play let's people understand the basics far more quickly.

Hopefully this helps!