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Xavier Boëmare posted:


Thanks for the feedback. To give you more insight of that situation : The upper circle is the GCC.

1. Historically speaking, some roles in that circle are not really connected together (was already the case in the previous hierarchical situation) and some are not in the heart of the GCC main purpose

2. Some of those roles became big enough to be mutated into circle.


Much clearer with such framing, thanks ! The question thats surfaces to me, is whether those roles in such circle are part of the membrane of GCC (Purpose, Domains, Accountabilities) or is that a bunch of activities that were simply attached to a hierarchical manager as often the case in large companies running the conventional way. I assume it's the latter... and now I think get your original question.

You could create a Super-Circle including the actual GCC + such Circle at the same level - because reality sounds like there are two different sub-holarchies here.... related to the same ex-manager