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Hi there.  I am interested in the reason why they are not fulfilling a certain accountability - particularly if it is the one about providing feedback to other people and tackling potential under-performance that is normally associated with this.

Have they not spotted that they need to provide feedback to another?  Do they not have the skills or the confidence to provide this feedback?  Are they refusing to?  For me, each could require a different approach.  If it was me, I would err towards a quiet off-line conversation first, to draw the issue to the LL's attention and I would use a coaching approach to get them to realise the negative impact their behaviour is having.  

Not very Holacractic I know, but if it is the LL's capability or they just don't know how to do something, they might be able to realise they need to find a solution without going through the embarrassment of being publicly pulled up on it. 

If this doesn't work, then I agree raising it as a tension as you suggest.  And if that doesn't work, then I agree with Daesun's approach above.

Best of luck