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Hi Fred,


Agree with Andrea and to add to it, instead of capturing the following action: “Role B: "Update Prospect Deployment regarding next prospect blast date".”, I would rather 1- capture a project for the next email blast to have visibility on it and 2- capture an action “Role B: Give a projection to Prospect Deployment about the project “Next Email Blast sent””.

The coaching you can give is in the constitution, duties of a circle member section 4.1.1:

4.1.1 Duty of Transparency

You have a duty to provide transparency when requested by your fellow Circle Members, in any of the following areas:

  • (c) Projections: You must provide a projection of the date you expect to complete any Project or Next-Action tracked for any of your Roles in the Circle. A rough estimate is sufficient, considering your current context and priorities, but without detailed analysis or planning. This projection is not a binding commitment in any way, and unless Governance says otherwise, you have no duty to track the projection, manage your work to achieve it, or follow-up with the recipient if something changes.