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Hi Dean, hi Alexia,

I followed your conversation with big interest.

And I looked up in the constitution what the tactical meetings are designed for:

Tactical Meetings are for:
(a) sharing the completion status of recurring actions on checklists owned
by the Circle’s Roles;
(b) sharing regular metrics assigned to the Circle’s Roles to report;
(c) sharing progress updates about Projects and other work owned by the
Circle’s Roles; and
(d) triaging Tensions limiting the Circle’s Roles into Next-Action s, Projects,
or other outputs that help reduce those Tensions.

This was a little eye-opening for me. Because there is nothing to find about disseminating of information besides checklists, projects and metrics. And in these three cases glassfrog doesn't allow much information to capture for the minutes for others to read afterwards.

We were somehow used from not-holacracy-meetings to share a lot information, like how the visit at customer X was and that there was a serious complaint from ... and so on. And so we continued in that manner in the tactical meetings which replaced the department meetings.

Somehow I would like to have a field besides action, project, tension and trigger to capture information (not decisions), but I feel also fine with the idea of trying out how it will be, if all these information, which we shared in the past in our tactical meetings, will be disseminated by email immediately (not just once a week) and maybe even more selectively (not to all roles of the circle - but to all necessary ones). Let's see... Still there is a little concern that written information will not be the same.