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Hi Dien, 

That breaks it down nicely. I think it is mostly #1 and #2. I don't think it is as much about using tactical meetings to disseminate information per se. I've done that in tactical meetings. I just make sure to keep the topic for the next meeting or send out the information separately if there is someone who isn't at the meeting that needs to know. I think it is more about using the meeting minutes/notifications as your tool for conveying that information or decisions, and expecting that to be "official" somehow.

An extreme example I can think of is saying something like "We all need to come in at 10am on Saturday" and sending it out as an "information piece" in a tactical meeting, and then having an expectation that everyone will do that because it was in the tactical meeting minutes, and send out via the email. 

But, to your point in #3, I think it is always good to think about which roles need information, and to prevent using tactical meetings as a way to get consensus.