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Hi, [@mention:449833773730792463]:

Ah, I see.

If I understand it correctly, the concerns are:

1. That people can abuse the tactical meeting to decide things that are supposed to be decided in Governance through IDM and disseminating this illegal move throughout the company

2. Capturing decisions that are really actions/projects

3. Tacticals are meant for removing tactical obstacles for individual roles, and not for disseminating information to all roles. The roles needing to have their obstacles removed will be in the meeting and they will get what they need, including projects, actions, information, or permissions to impact domains. Mission accomplished. The other roles that can't attend the meeting? It wasn't their tensions to begin with, so they don't need the information.  



Does this sound about right ?

Regarding the last point, are we really not supposed to use the tactical for distributing some information to all roles, let's say briefing all roles about a guideline that has just been published ?

We sometime do this, and in these instances, we felt that others who couldn't attend the meeting need this info as well.