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Hi Dien,

The use of GlassFrog to disseminate information and decisions in tactical meetings sounds like it could lead to trouble. Without knowing the types of decisions you are talking about, it sounds like it could be a way to try to set expectations during tactical meetings in a way that is incompatible with Holacracy. 

Regarding your question about not supporting it in GlassFrog, I can tell you my thinking as Product Manager. The functionality itself doesn't sound necessarily like a problem, though it "smells" a bit like something that would likely be abused and result in hindering Holacracy practice for the reason I mentioned above. In this particular case, I asked Brian what he thought about the functionality and his response was concern that it would aid in the misunderstanding of what tactical meetings are. I did take an action to consider the request, but I have so many things that I'd like to see in GlassFrog that I would need more data in support of proper Holacracy practice to increase its priority. I do appreciate the feedback, and add it to my notes. I also would love to hear of any ways you are trying to do this in your organization and why.

We have not had the need in HolacracyOne, so it is useful to hear how others deal with it - I liked hearing about Margaux's workaround with triggers. I suppose you could use actions just as well, and mark them for all circle members, or add a custom circle field to the circle sidebar if it is something for all circle members.