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Dear Anna,

Thanks for your reply.

I understand from you answert that the Anchor Circle is created by the current leaders (CEO of business partners). And all other circles are created in it. The anchor circle automatically controls all Domains that the Organization itself controls (according to the constitution). I have a problem with this last one, because this shoud mean that only one or two persons control all domains, unless other roles are added to the Anchor circle.

A first solution is to add all other roles to the anchor circle, but then you have the problem of an overcrowded governance meeting with roles that don't belong there.

A second solution is to make a subcircle: "the general company circle" or an "operations circle" where you put all these other roles (like bookkeeper, office management, etc.) and add certain roles to the Anchor cirlcle to have a kind of "Board"

In our company today we have 2 business owners, and a kind of "governance comité" with 4 other people. Would it be possible to give these 4 people a role in the Anchor circle to help control all domains?