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Flavio -

The shaded portion of response below turned out to be wrong.

I asked something like this before and was told that if a Domain is not specified to a Role, that it does 'belong' to the Lead Link. This could be seen as good or bad for the Lead Link - sure they may have more authority but they must exercise it - they are required to make decisions about the use of those domains - every time they're asked.

With that in mind was told that the Lead Link or another Role holder would likely propose POLICY granting specific permissions or propose adding the Domain to a Role in the Circle.

Not exactly related, but where my original question came from, was about 'unassigned/unspecified' Domains. Like, if the company car doesn't have any mention in the domain structures it is considered 'community property at the anchor circle level'. Not sure why bringing that up except that I'm pleased to know and understand that.