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Hi Harald,


I fully agree with Alexia. Not everyone need to know everything that is happening in the company. If a role is seeking information, he/she should be able to find the right role on GlassFrog to ask that information.

On top of that, tactical meetings are also a good place to share informations because you have lots of people around the table and it is common to share informations. You can always put the information with the “Trigger” function (one of our client did that because they needed all the Lead Links to share that information in their circle). Instead of putting a date or event, they would put “Information” and then the content of the information.

Please note that our client clearly had a policy for that and please also note that if people are not attending the meeting, it might be a tension itself. There is no quorum in Holacracy and people are free to attend meetings or not. If they choose not to attend, I don't know why we should save them by transmitting the information. If the date/time of the meeting is not convenient for them, they can always process that tension - there are always good excuses not to attend a meeting but it's their choice you know.

Hope that clarify a bit.