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Florent posted:
Flavio Souza Ratzke posted:

By default, the Lead Link role has the authority to assign partners for the roles. So, if the Lead Link assigned someone, the Partner has the duty to process the Role, whether the Partner liked the Role or not. It´s his job. The Lead Link has the freedom to assign and unassign roles anytime, so you can choose to put a Partner rotation on this Role.

Sure, but the constitution also states ("2.4.3 Resignation from Roles") : "When you fill a Role, you may resign from the Role at any time, unless you’ve agreed otherwise, by giving notice to whoever controls assignments to that Role – typically, the Circle’s Lead Link."

Yes, the LL can assign someone to a role, but since the role filler can resign anytime, this can lead to an "infinite loop" of assignment/resignation. Isn't that conflicting ?

Florent, excellent comment. I personally understand that this 2.4.3 only works in a perfect Holacracy system, or at least in a company where Holacracy is already mature. In which our company is not there yet.

So, we just vetoed this clause, and made clear that we would be doing all efforts to put the right souls in the right Roles, and that the souls have an open communication to say that they would like to be switched.