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Reply to Mistake on Governance Card?

By Bastos Topic posted 08/19/2016
Jean-Michel Gode posted:

Hi Bastos,

Main idea of the testing questions is to check if an objection is valid according to the Holacracy constitution, not to discard the proposal.

If the objection is valid, the next step of the IDM process is integration: amending the proposal until it both addresses the proposer's tension and erases the objector’s objection.

About your topic, note that the complete question, if the objection is anticipated, is: « Is there a reason we can’t adapt once we get more data OR Is it safe enough to try, knowing we can revisit that any time »

If the objector answers "Yes, it not safe enough to try, even if we can revisit it at any time" and can give a grounded example of how the proposal could harm the circle, the objection is valid (at least regarding the known data criteria). That means that both objector and proposer will have to amend the initial proposal until it becomes "safe enough to try", even without known data.

Hope that helps,

 Thanks but I think I understand the concept. My intention is to make the card easier to understand. The way it is right now, gives the idea that if there is a reason we can’t adapt once we get more data, then the objection is not valid. Please check the card if I'm misunderstanding.