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Hi Andrea,


There are 4 goals to the tactical meeting, all explained in the section 4.2.1 of the constitution:

4.2.1 Focus & Intent

Tactical Meetings are for:

  • (a) sharing the completion status of recurring actions on checklists owned by the Circle’s Roles;
  • (b) sharing regular metrics assigned to the Circle’s Roles to report;
  • (c) sharing progress updates about Projects and other work owned by the Circle’s Roles; and
  • (d) triaging Tensions limiting the Circle’s Roles into Next-Actions, Projects, or other outputs that help reduce those Tensions.


I would add an implicite one on top of that which is that the tactical meeting allows you to play with role-ationships. It puts lots of clarity on authorities and help identify any “racket hole” / missing part of the governance. Of course you do that on a day-to-day basis but with the tactical meeting, you are sure not to miss any governance/evolution opportunity for the organization.