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Thanks for looking for feedback on this!

We are new to this and self taught so that's my perspective.

We love and us the meeting cards. I appreciate the simplicity! 

Tactical Card - I think the tactical card is great the project updates works for us, we know what it means. I think because we have clear definitions of what a project is. Initially we had a challenging time setting up metrics as a preschool program that's just a little less concrete. We spent some time outs talking about what metrics would be helpful and in triage helping the lead link create some metrics. On the back I love the facilitator tips I would add a section about what to do if no one says anything. It's not as much as a problem now but initially people felt uncomfortable with the structure and they would say nothing hoping the meeting could end and they could go around the structure to get things done (both in tactical and governance).  Maybe just some reflection questions to 'bring tensions forward'.

Governance Card -

I'm still not sure if we are using the administrative section well or if there is something more to do there. I know in some videos they talk about reading the circle's purpose or mission (is that in governance or tactical?) I never was clear where something like that would fit so we haven't been doing that.

Where those who are new to the process get stuck is in the present the proposal step. They haven't ever been asked what they think would make it better so this is very new. Any experienced leaders might give suggestions about specifics but some more 'support' from the card for when the proposer can't figure out what to propose would be helpful. 

In the amend and clarify round I often use the words 'you have heard the reactions, you don't have any responsibility to integrate them all just what would best resolve your tension and move us forward.' 

On the back it is good, I do agree with the person who said it should be clear you have to go through all the steps, an objection is valid if, you could just add all the following are true.

Also under 5) breaks the constitution it would be great to have clarity for new partners what that might be. Either a quick not of what valid outputs are or what would make an output invalid. Particularly around policies. 


Thanks again for looking for feedback for your updates and I hope this was helpful. Also I would guess the January timeline is quite long judging by the pace of this forum.