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@Chris, I believe the tension came from the inclusion of the word "project" not "update". I agree that "update" infers "progress" but my interpretation was that "project" infers "not accountabilities". The Constitution seems more broad with its intent for the round asking "each participant to highlight progress towards achieving any Project or expressing any Accountability..." It goes on to specify "not the general status" of these items, but I don't know what would qualify as a progress update for an accountability. Accountabilities are a checklist item, at best, as I am personally not interested in hearing about recurring/BAU tasks. Any issues impeding progress on those would/should be brought up as tensions for triage.

I guess I should have also mentioned the option to change the wording in the Constitution, but I that would be more in Constitution Steward's domain. I am on the side of keeping this round to project updates only. 

@Bernard, regarding the previously mentioned incident: We're a legal marketing firm and one of the roles' accountabilities is to capture and publish case results in a way that highlights the attorney's effectiveness and give examples of types of cases the attorney takes on (to encourage contact from potential clients). In the Project Update round, we've just gone around the room (small team) and asked "Any updates?" and in this instance, the role-filler began to tell about some of the cases they had recently recorded. I certainly take an amount of responsibility as facilitator of the meeting for not asking for updates about specific projects but that actually stems from a larger issue where the company uses the term "project" rather loosely .

Pre-Holacracy, the team members were asked by the project coordinator what their weeks looked like, and those with accountabilities vs. projects would respond with, "I'm doing this accountability for clients A, B, and C, and this accountability for clients X, Y, and Z." I didn't see the value in using meeting time to do that, so I'm a bit sensitive to it happening now. To be fair, we are very much in our infancy of adopting Holacracy, so it's a habit I'm trying to break them of.