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Bernard Marie Chiquet posted:

@Yang Yong I am fully with you re Chinese culture AND I have had the chance during an iGi Partners's client implementation with two major groups having operations in China to coach/teach some chinese people with success and I did not observe much difference with other European culture. I think that more and more the world is fractal and you can find people in Paris 13 more Chinese culture oriented than in Shanghai  and vice versa. See Thrive in Chaos

hi, Bernard

i hope you are right. but i found some peaple think holacracy is bad in chinese internet. because holacracy's roles are equal, after many years, his title will not become higher, his power also will not become more(because role's restriction). he thinks these let him lost honour. i think this is chinese culture. in more than 2000 years, we understand that social level is important for us, imperial examination will help people to change social level. the person that passed test get the value of life. i feel many chinese focus on title, power, money, not on job.