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Using your judgment with the constitution as your guide is what I would say. If as the elected facilitator you think you are the best fit to facilitate, then that is your call (in absence of any policies to the contrary). Handing off facilitation of a proposal or part of a proposal is done at the discretion of the acting facilitator, so it is just up to you in the end. 

I would also in the closing round ask people to share their feedback on the process and facilitation, so there is space. If it was a lot to juggle, then hopefully you will get feedback about how it went.  I am curious if anyone gave any meaningful feedback about this in the meeting, or if it was a non issue in the end. 

The other thing to bring to light would be (maybe), likely in a time out discussion especially for a group with a skilled and experienced Secretary, that Secretary can rule on matters of due process so if anyone has a question about if the process is being followed, then you could ask Secretary to interpret. I mention this because if it is a concern about you being biased, then Secretary can support you or help you stay on track by giving the group a sort of reality check. I have seen this done a few times, and a secretary would either ask the facilitator or look up in the constitution, and say yes, looks right to me! 

Other than that, experienced facilitators facilitate their own proposals all the time. It can be confusing for a novice group, so be very diligent with making the process visible (aside from using body or whatever you can) by framing each step, what, why, or who speaks, etc.