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Hi Jean-Michel,

I'm just applying the rules of the game here, which are covered in Section 3.6: once the Facilitator makes a Proposal, he just move to the IDM Objection Round, so same rules apply here including testing if the Facilitator wants to do so, and/or Integration.

  • (f) Process Proposal: Once the Facilitator makes a Proposal to elect a candidate, the Facilitator must move to the Integrative Decision-Making Process to resolve that Proposal. However, the Facilitator must start directly with the Objection round, and, if the proposed candidate is present, the Facilitator must ask the candidate for Objections last. If any Objections are raised, the Facilitator may choose to process them normally, or to discard the Proposal either immediately after the Objection round or at any point during the integration step. If the Facilitator opts to discard the Proposal, the Facilitator must go back to the prior step in this process, discard all nominations for the prior candidate, and follow the rules of the prior step to select another candidate to propose instead.


Bien à toi,

Bernard Marie