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Yep, several of them.

One is the delegation (by a Policy) of establishing strategies to a strategy meeting process in lieu et place of Leal Link authority to do so. We use that one within iGi and some of the clients we've implemented Holacracy with.

Another is delegation of assigning Partners to the Circle's Roles for specific Role(s) to another Role or an process like the Integrative Election Process.

Another one is delegation of "Allocating the Circle's Ressource across its various Projects and/or Roles to another specifically created Role with one of our client - in this case the Lead Link has most of the skills for being a great Lead Link except the capacity of allocating ressources - so during the time required for this person filling the Lead Link Role to learn that new skill, a new adhoc Role has been created through governance.

There are more but these are le most popular examples I have encountered during 40+ implementations.