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Tyler Danke posted:

That is really exciting Yang Yong! I am excited for Holacracy to flourish in China! 

hi, tyler

i think holacracy is more difficult in china. like my words, every chinese maybe has a king heart. you know the important thing is power for chinese king. our culture is these. i know the west culture was arise from ancient Greece. ancient Greece was a trade empire, the contract is the most important for everyone, and Greece is mountainous country, in ancient, traffic is not convenient like present. ancient Greece was a federal state. so, the king of ancient Greece had not more power like chinese king. 

China is a centralized state from 221 B.C. there are many different dynasties in almost 2300 years, but every dynasty was a centralized state. so, centralized power is the most important for every king, bring about our culture that power is important.

holacracy is separated power system, this is conflicted with chinese culture. so, it's difficult in china.