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The only rule I know is in Section 2.5.4 - As you know, you may use your reasonable judgment to interpret the Constitution.

2.5.4 Surrogates for Elected Roles

A surrogate may temporarily fill an Elected Role when one is unfilled, or when the person who normally fills the Role is unavailable for a Circle meeting or feels unable or unwilling to enact the Role’s duties.

In any given instance where a surrogate is needed, the surrogate is, in this order of precedence:

  • (a) someone explicitly specified by the person to be replaced; or
  • (b) the acting Facilitator of the Circle; or
  • (c) the acting Secretary of the Circle; or
  • (d) the Lead Link of the Circle; or
  • (e) the first Core Circle Member of the Circle to declare he or she is acting as the surrogate.


Let me share with you my interpretation of the Constitution and my practice here. It has already happened quite several times that I would be both Facilitator, Proposer and Objector (to my own Proposal). It can work with some practice. The key issue for me is - do I feel emotionally attached to the Proposal or to the Objection? (In other words, is my inner space neutral) If the answer is No (I'm not attached) for both, then I know by experience that I can facilitate processing such Proposal as I have enough available energy and neutrality to do the job. If the answer is Yes to both questions, I know that I want to hand over the Facilitator Role for such Proposal from the beginning of such processing. If the answer is No for the first question but Yes for the second, I will facilitate until I raise my Objection and hand over the Facilitation for the resolution of the Objection.

Last tip, when I play with the three roles simultaneously, I would emphasize framing loudly in which role I do play right now (and may adding a new role in order to make some coaching points) - this helps me a lot and help the others too. If I have a cap, I will certainly use it for make it more fun :=)