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By Xavier Boëmare Topic posted 07/07/2016
Fred Magovern posted:

@Alex Do you guys have a public roadmap?

Hi Fred,

We don't have a public roadmap at the moment. I've been working on one and I'm trying to figure out if I can make it public in a meaningful way, since it can change so much, or at least provide some transparency into what we're currently working on. Ah, dynamic steering!

The big, exciting things that we've currently got underway are internationalization with translations to French (yay!), and plans to support at least German, Italian, and Spanish. We've also got some nice usability/look and feel upgrades in progress and I'm planning to continue with UX upgrades into next year, focusing on making GlassFrog look more modern, and also to address some of the things that confuse users and get in the way.