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Reply to Simple query tool

By Xavier Boëmare Topic posted 07/07/2016
Alexia Bowers posted:

Hi Xavier, 

Based on my understanding of what you're asking, we currently don't have anything in GlassFrog that is simpler than the API to get information to easily email all Facilitators. We have a feature request to help with emailing all Facilitators, Secretaries, etc, and I've (as Product Manager) prioritized that higher to see if we can get something sooner to meet that need.

I'm curious what you had in mind for a simple query tool, or if you know of an existing functionality that does what you had in mind?



Hi Alexia, sorry for my late answer. Indeed what I have in mind is being able to get simple answers from simple queries like an extract of all facilitators with their circle and email, or all empty roles for instance. We'll go with the API if there's no existing simple query tool. 

Thanks !