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Hey Keith - I'd say it is already explicit in the Constitution; a "Policy" is defined as a grant or limit of authority.  Are those things you linked to grants or limits of authority, or something else?  If something else, they are definitionally not a "Policy" as the Constitution defines it.  You don't need to rely on any instruction or anything else outside of the Constitution to take that stand.  You don't even need to say "Policies can't require action" - just that "a Policy is a grant or limit of authority; if this is not one of those two things, it's not valid as a Policy given the definition in the Constitution"...

And by the way, this one does look like a valid Policy to me (maybe not a good idea, but it is a grant of authority for one circle to cross link into another):  https://app.glassfrog.com/policies/7608343

Hope that helps!

- Brian