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Reply to Simple query tool

By Xavier Boëmare Topic posted 07/07/2016

outputs from a tactical meeting would be created as Asana tasks assigned to the appropriate person. This one is the most painful. We are actually not really even using Glass frog outputs any more, we just do those outputs inside of Asana.

Some other ideas

Create a task for a lead link to assign an unassigned role.

async gov proposals would create tasks for people to review them. Tasks in Asana Tactical Meeting project would automatically be added to the Glassfrog Tactical Meeting as agenda items. honestly these last two ideas aren't the best ideas.

I could come up with 1,000 more possible use cases if I was thinking creatively but right now apparently my brain is focused on the governance meeting i have that starts in 30 minutes

I guess for me at the moment I would want Glassfrog to sync to Asana. I know that everybody doesn't want or use Asana. Zapier connects to and from any system that they integrate with so it would be a more universal tool.