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Thanks Flavio, it does make a lot of sense. 

I do agree, but in practice, let's say this is a really tedious task that no one really wants to achieve, and that has no way around it (no clever shortcut) -- something as simple as sorting mail for instance (imagine a company having lots of mail).

In that case, The Role filler believes he needs to outsource it, and creates a circle "Mail", in which he would like to create a few roles to split the task ; he calls for help, but no-one comes. What then ? He follows the Strategy to split his attention between the most important tasks and this new tedious task that is nevertheless necessary ? He raises a new tension the next governance meeting stating that this accountability should be associated to another Role (and another Role filler) otherwise the Company would suffer from his lack of resources to continue his previous accountabilities ?

Anybody having stories to share about "chores" and unwanted roles ? Rotating "chores" roles/circles ?

I see 2 big possibilities: retribution (e.g. a demand/offer system that rewards unwanted tasks more than wanted tasks, either financiary or as a worktime reduction bonus for instance...), or organized rotation. Any other ?

I'm really looking for practical examples here. This may sound stupid, but in small companies such as mine, we don't have dedicated people to handle stuff like manual/practical work (e.g. fix light bulbs, getting trash out, ...). And these still are needed ! In your Holacracy-run companies, who does that ? Does that even appear in your circles ? Or is that the GCC LL doing it ?